My focus will be on investing in stronger public education funding and school safety, investing in affordable health care, and cultivating Iowa’s local economies. I am committed to working across party lines to bring much-needed changes to the Statehouse. I believe that the biggest investment we can make is in the people of Iowa. I want to invest in you.


There are many issues we will need to address in the Iowa House. Here are just a few at the top of my priority list. If you have questions on any specifics, please reach out to me!


Education is the great equalizer for our children. The legislature needs to prioritize creating a public school system where kids, regardless of their zip code, can get a quality education. It is crucial to the success of our state.


We all know how medical bills and high prescription costs can impact a family. It’s critically important that we work to lower prescription costs, and make healthcare more affordable for every family. On my first day, I’ll work to do just that.


As a small business owner, especially during COVID-19, I know the struggle of making ends meet and taking care of my employees. It’s more important than ever to have a voice for small businesses in the Iowa House. It’s crucially important for our state, and our economy, small businesses get the support they need to succeed in these unprecedented times.


It’s crucial that now, and the days following COVID-19, our government works to create a cohesive plan for any future emergencies. While we will all pray that nothing like COVID-19 ever happens again, it’s important our leaders are prepared. Please share with me the ways you wish our government had handled this crisis, and I will work to make those changes.


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